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Bed Bugs have become the scourge of the world. From the bedrooms and living rooms of the slums to the penthouse apartments of major cities. It has little or nothing to do with cleanness.

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This undated file photo provided by Orkin LLC shows bed bugs. Two seniors homes in southern Alberta are being treated for bedbugs, but health officials say there's no reason for concern beyond the "ick" factor. Alberta Health Services confirms staff at the Pemmican Lodge and Black Rock Terrace in Lethbridge have been dealing with the itchy insects for the last few months. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP - Orkin LLCbed bug cycle and mattress infestation 10


Finding only one will lead to an infestation in less than a month. Find one visible tends to mean there are many more we cant see and might have laid eggs that will hatch sooner or later. A single bed bug will produce approximately a dozen eggs per week. Meaning up to four dozen in only one month from only one bed bug. Their eggs do hatch and they also produce the same amount leading to a huge infestation in only one month or two.

Never ever delay contacting us for treatment. The sooner the better and the return of security and peace of mind asap to your home, apartment or condo.

Not only are the bed bug bites terrible but leave red dots or circles. Also the dark stains they leave behind are created by the excrement they leave behind and are the cause of breathing problems. When the bed has too many spots usually at the head of the bed, you will need to discard the mattress and/or box spring. You can not sufficiently remove the stain spots with any soap, or steam clean.

Description of Bed Bugs: Usually brownish red in color. The more mature or older they become the larger they can be. (picture above or top of the page of bed bugs).

Bites, what they look like: Their bites often look like a reddish circle about the size of a quarter or nickel. Many of our clients found that besides treating with calamine lotion. A bed bug mattress cover can help but does not stop them from spreading. Some people have spread a vaporizing cold rub with Camphor or vick’s cold rub on their bodies helped to stop bites. This is only a trick to help stop bed bug bites some people have tried with some success. We cannot endorse any method used. Call us asap and book a treatment without delay.        514 484 1798

Bed bugs are hitch hikers. If someone had a bed bug on their cloths that sat next to the seat. We have created products to reduce the possibility. See our products page.

Travelling and suitcases: If you suspect possible bed bugs or worry there might be. If there is a cloths dryer nearby or on the floor, remove the sheets, pillowcases and futon or bed covers and throw into the drying for one hour. While they are being heated up and destroying the bed bugs. Carefully check the mattresses creases for bed bugs in the cracks and seams. If you find even one, immediately ask for another room and it should be carefully inspected before entering and placing your luggage and clothes.

We have sprays bottles available for sale. See the products page for more information.

Our specialized treatment:

There is no need to remove carpets, curtains, books, or pictures.

We can sell you the product, however almost no one can get rid of them without lots of experience necessary and can not guarantee the product as results.

Our treatments are done twice. Once initially and another ten or eleven days afterwards. Not nine or twelve days. The eggs hatch and need to be treated asap before becoming adults to have the most effect

Dusting treatment:

After we have sprayed thoroughly and carefully, we apply a thin coat of diametrious earth. Never ever remove it. Otherwise you will eliminate or stop any guarantee. We are not kidding. No guarantee. This light dust will not destroy by simply going on the bugs but rather they clean their bodies and legs from the dust and ingest it  and in turns destroys their stomachs and die as results. Imagine eating glass for example.

No toxic residue whatsoever. None. Zero.



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